Our extensive understanding and experience in the serial development of single components and complex systems, makes BOS Technology Services an expert in the field of development services. We support customers during the entire product development process, from the concept phase till series production. Regardless of whether these are simple components or an entire vehicle – we cover every part of the process and we are able to implement the overall development. We work target-oriented and with the ambition to find solutions for our customers with the highest degree of innovation, quality and cost-effectiveness. Our focus on innovation ensures that our customers are always provided with sophisticated solutions based on state-of-the-art technology.

Concept Phase

We live „ Excitement For Technology“ every day and with every new concept. We look beyond the horizon and still keep our eyes on the essential: the development of technologically convincing concepts according to the specifications and targets of our customers.

Development Phase

The optimized construction and the smooth interaction of all components in a highly effective and high-quality development process saves our customers not only valuable time on their way to a marketable product, but also internal resources. The experienced collaboration of the various development partners, as well as  our longstanding expertise in numerous specialist areas such as calculation, design, quality and purchasing, enable us to meet the deadlines and financial requirements.


Extensive validation possibilities, virtual as well as in hardware , ensure that the high quality of the development also results in high-quality products. We have a state-of-the-art equipped testing facility at our hands which is just as important as our experienced employees.


Always a step ahead! We take into account requirements of the series production already during our concept phase. This is what makes us special! Whether you are looking at a local, small-batch production or a global large-scale production with a complex supplier chain. We draw on a wealth of experience in selecting the perfect production method and use this knowledge right at the start of the project.