Mechanical development

In mechanical development, we are responsible for the coordination and representation of the relevant motion sequences, taking into account the specifications and packaging requirements. The design of the mechanics is carried out by means of multi-body simulation, the construction of the components as well as the verification of the design by means of FEM simulation. We prepare the detailed designs and drawings for the subsequent procurement of prototypes and series. Our extensive product portfolio also includes the development of mechanics for numerous applications such as vehicle doors, roof systems, tailgates and closures.


This tailgate is an example of electrically folding vehicle components for outdoor use, which we designed, developed and brought to series production readiness based on the specific requirements of the customer. The flap is opened and closed by an electric motor. In this case it serves to cover a charging socket, but alternatively it could also be used as a tank cover.

This electrically opening flap is a further project in the field of mechanical development and was specially developed for a mobile packing station. BOS Technology Services built sample parts for this, including the drive and control system, which served to verify the concept. Based on the knowledge gained, the functions were optimized and the project was developed to production readiness.