Lightweight construction concepts

We offer tailor-made lightweight construction concepts for your applications! We advise you in all disciplines of lightweight construction, be it conceptual, structural or in terms of material. We are experts in this field based on our longstanding experience and can rely on a strong partner network.


Depending on the requirements and quantity scenarios, we can offer concepts with different material and manufacturing solutions. Our experts deal with composite manufacturing processes in the thermoset field as well as with thermoplastic technologies which are attractive for larger quantities and therefore more suitable.

The development of the entire body structure of an electric vehicle or parts thereof in composite construction is part of our expertise. Thanks to our strong partner network, we can accompany your product from the blank sheet, through development and creation of tooling concepts, to the start of series production and beyond.

In the field of the structural lightweight construction we are looking at the design of your product. We make use of topology optimizations in many cases, to adapt the design and align it optimally with your requirements.

The final and optimized design, however, can only be achieved by conducting a thorough feasibility check in terms of production and manufacturing methods.

Struktureller Leichtbau

Initially, we focus on optimizing your concept according to your requirements and, if necessary, we take a step back to look at the overall picture to check for alternatives. Often, a weight potential can be determined by marginal adjustments of the overall system, which is not apparent when optimizing individual parts.

Also, joining and production concepts have a major impact on the system. Therefore, we are a strong partner considering our state-of-the-art joining and production concepts. Together with our network of experts, we can support you up to series production readiness.